Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary

For quite some time now I've been interested in metal stamping. I thought that it would be a perfect addition to a lot of the beaded pieces I've made throughout the years. Let me tell you about my wonderful husband... He knows that I'm slightly obsessed with my projects and that there is always something I "NEED". Plus he also knows that I'm rather hard to shop for but I won't always buy what I really want. I suppose you could say in four years he's learned a lot and he's also surprised me with a few wonderful and thoughtful gifts. This year for our anniversary I was quite surprised to open a rather fat envelope. Hallmark always has a way with words and so does my husband. One the front - a male and female frog with the words "I'll love you..." On the inside "Till I Croak, Happy Anniversary." How sweet and very Jarrod:) Also, on the inside was a pile of twenties. He said I know you want some bead stuff so I want you to use this for that - and I did. Now I'm set up to stamp metal!